About Us

Here each one of us will present themself.


Hi guys, I am Zanza the coder and leveldesigner in this team. I guess the only reason I am doing this is the same as by everyone else here. It is, because I love videogames. Not only because their are fun, but because they bring people together and let them enjoy their time. That is maybe the reason why I became developer or thought myself at the age of 14 how to programm, because I just want to see people smile. So how about we all smile together?


Well, hello there. My name, as you may know by now, is Revontheus. My Job here in junkysoftwaredevelopers is to create and design the different charakters, helping the others out with the script, make sure those three work together without serious injuries, and of course, test the games. I would do more than that, but I can’t programm :p Well, I’m mostly known as the fun loving video game fan who makes sure those three thickheads don’t kill each other while working on the game, but i’m can’t be always nice, and i have to get money with other things than creating video games, right? So, if you see a guy in a black coat, who is pointing a katana, scythe or gun at you, well you know now who it is…


Revontheus, Master of Fun and Fear


Hi, I am Eddie212x and im the autor of some games and I help Zanza to find some ideas and also I bring my own ideas. I also test the games and that is a lot of fun and after playing them I report Zanza the bugs so he can fix them . My job is really fun ^^ and I like this job . I wish I could be so good as Zanza to programm a game but my skills is like zero so Zanza does the programm work and he is the best I think . I am a secret boss of some games aswell 😀 ( thanks zanza you are the best ) so thats me i hope you have many fun with our games ^H


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